The Want

It was the way she wrapped the scarf on her hair. It was the way the Jean trousers hugged her skin tight. Perhaps, it was the way she smiled. On a body whose owner he felt drawn to, he wasn't sure exactly what it was that attracted him.

She was six feet away from him, but he could see her clearly amidst the crowd. Beautiful, that, she was. The white cotton blouse was loose atop her tight-fitting jeans. She wore a red wedge and carried a blue bag. And oh, the scarf was red too.

He scrutinised her, taking in every little detail. From that distance, he could see the black, round dot, slightly above her lips. It must be a birth mark, he thought. Her eyes were dreamy and wild; for a moment, he got lost in them.

There and then, he knew he wanted her. Whether in his heart or on his bed, he wasn't sure which. All he knew at that moment, was that he wanted her.

YakekponoAbasi Adams 


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