I Want To Be Me

I know you want me To be a doctor I know you want me To be a lawyer

I know you want me To cure your friends I know you want me To sue the landlord
I know you want me To be popular I know you want to Show me off
I know you want me To be a professional I know you want to Boast of me to people
I know you'll hate me Being a painter I know you'll hate me Being a dancer
I know you want me To make you proud I know you want to Smile at my picture
I know that I'm not Your dream child I'm so sorry mom I just want to be me


He's her romance in a tender verse.
- YakekponoAbasi Adams
( @iamyakkie )

Shake It Off

Some people feel as if they're on earth to suffer, and they always live in the past. These people refuse to move forward. No matter where they find themselves, they always remember the friend that led them astray, the teacher that scored them too low, the uncle that maltreated them, etc. 
You've been complaining all your life, what has it achieved for you so far? I tell you now, if you don't rise above the ashes, you'll soon be swept away by the tide. Researchers propound that about 85 percent of families are dysfunctional, so you see, you're not alone. 
The crux of the matter is where you go from here. What are you going to do now? Look, you can either keep on living in the past, or you can slap yourself into good sense, and take the bull by the horn.
Enough with the regrets. Live in the now. You don't have much time. Begin to focus all your energy on what you want to achieve. When you do this, what you don't want will begin to fade away. 

Keep On Keeping Up

That problem you’re going through, which robs you of a goodnight sleep…
That ailment you’re suffering from which, makes you reek of unhappiness…
That disappointment, which totally shreds every last piece of hope you once had…
That situation you’re in, which derives you of wide and beaming smiles…
That financial situation, which makes you lose self esteem among your peers…
That guilty conscience, which doesn’t allow you forgive yourself of a mistake…
That rob-Peter-to-pay-Paul attitude ,which forces you to play hide-and-seek games with loan sharks…
That condition that has made you to lose friends, because you aren’t in their class… I don’t know how bad it is, and I cannot say I understand. However, I’ll tell you this: One day, you’ll look back and marvel, because it’ll become history. In order to survive and live to testify, you have to hang in there and keep on keeping up.

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